The Pathways to Pregnancy program was

The Pathways to Pregnancy program was

The Pathways to Pregnancy program was founded in response to the unique challenges facing couple who are trying to have a baby. While fertility medicine is a well-established discipline, the founders of the Pathways program saw a problem with the way all the parties involved in a couple's fertility function.

The key was a lack of communication. Fertility issues with the female side were handled just between the woman and her specialist. If the male had problems, those were addressed between him and his urologist. Couple seeking support, could try online information, books, videos, and even message boards, but few have a comprehensive approach to fertility.

One of the contributing fertility experts to the Pathways program noticed how unnecessarily hard it was to get collaboration between the concerned parties: the female specialist, male specialist, the female patient and the male patient. His idea was to bring all these parties together in an online support area that could enhance treatment, education, communication, and ultimately, a couple's chances for achieving pregnancy.

The challenges were significant. How do you effectively have doctors collaborate? How can you keep couple's communicating on all the medical issues, even down to the smallest results? How do you pull together education, communication and collaboration in an easy to use way? And how do you fit all of these objectives together with the highly complex field of fertility medicine for men AND women?

All of these challenges were at the heart of the founding of Pathways to Pregnancy, and it is our hope that we've resolved the key issues, or taken major steps toward resolution, for all of our participants. To do this our panel of supporting experts involved leading physicians in Obstetrics/Gynecology, Reproductive Urology, Reproductive Endocrinology, and other Fertility specialists.

Then, we brought together experts in online communications to help build the functions that the physicians required to provided patients with the latest techniques and education they need to be successful.

The goal is to support couples in their pregnancy efforts in the most medically advanced and appropriate ways, with the best in physician collaboration, and the most effective education and communication tools for the couple. All within the context of getting the couple pregnant as soon as possible, while respecting their desires for treatment, expense, and religious beliefs.

A tall order to solve? You bet. But one which we at Pathways to Pregnancy are honored to work on, because the result of our work is the joy of seeing couples turned into families.