Injection Technique

Injection Technique

This tends to be an important subject ignored by a few bodybuilders, let me just say that if you inject incorrectly you risk one of the following things:-

1. A broken needle in the flesh, difficult to remove and may need minor surgery.
2. An infection or boil at the injection site. If ignored the infection will spread and may infect your bloodstream.
3. Death by injection of an oily substance going around your blood stream until it causes failure of a major organ like the heart, or brain. If your lucky (or unlucky) you might get away with a stroke!!!

Its an easily learned technique and with care and attention you will accomplish it easily and without pain and bruising.
Another piece of information you may find useful is that oral steroids work more quickly than injected steroids, but on the whole cause greater harm to the liver.

Preparation is the key to successful injection, Have everything ready and laid out on a firm clean surface next to you. Choose your injection site, its no good sitting or standing there with a syringe full of juice waving a two inch needle around wondering where your going to stick it.
You will need the following
1. A syringe (large enough to hold whatever it is you are injecting yes you can mix shots, why take two shots when one will do the trick).
2. Two needles preferably two greens, but for the squeamish a green and a blue.
3. Two swabs opened and ready for use (if you don''t bother swabbing, and many don''t at least wash or shower first and make sure your hands are clean).
4. The juice (wash the outside of the container first)
5. You may find a beaker of warm water useful to warm up the amps this makes those with an oil base flow easier.
6. A small nail file
Warning: Some amps will not break cleanly, this is where the nail file comes in. Saw around the neck of the ampoule a few times until it is scored, then it will break evenly. Sometimes its wise to hold the amp with a piece of clean cloth or tissue, if the top breaks when you try to open it your fingers may be cut by the broken glass.

When you are fully prepared fit one of the needles {a green} to the syringe, open the amp(s) and draw up the fluid. Shake then tap the syringe and expel any excess air through the needle.
Change the needle to your other one. (many people don''t bother they use the same needle to inject as they draw up with.
Swab the area to be injected
Present the needle at right angles to the injection site and push it right in. Do not jab.

Draw back on the plunger ( this will save your life ), if any blood enters the syringe withdraw the needle and choose a slightly different site and repeat the process. (blood in the syringe may indicate that it has entered a vein or artery, if you inject there………)
If all is well push the plunger firmly, but smoothly, home. Remove the needle from your flesh and swab, rub the injection site gently to assist in distributing the medication. If the injection site bleeds a little you have gone through a blood vessel or vein, this is ok as long as you haven''t injected into one.

That''s it clean up after yourself dispose of your used equipment safely.